September is a strange month as it marks new beginnings for all sorts of things. New schools, young adults off to university, the start of the Christmas ‘run-up’, brand new jobs and exciting new challenges all round.

All this change can lead to some lifestyle imbalances, such as comfort eating, post-summer dehydrated skin, and a feeling of dread that that’s the end of summer for another year.

This is the time when you can take stock and re-start with a better lifestyle regime, focusing on eating colourful fresh fruit and vegetables, for example, picking those fresh blackberries and enjoy them in a healthy, oaty crumble. Your skin also needs a kick start after the dry summer months.

Give it the attention it deserves and visit a professional who can advise exactly what steps you can take and products you can use to really help you achieve your beauty goals.

Miri at le Spa can offer hydrating facials and relaxing massages as well as host of other core and specialist treatments to help you re-balance your world.